Project | 項目名稱:


Location | 項目地點:

AnShun,GuiZhou,China | 中國 貴州 安順

Design Area | 設計面積:

4000㎡ | 四千平方米

Investment amount | 投資金額:

¥80,000,000 | 八千萬元

Completion Time | 竣工時間:

2020 | 二零二零

Interior Design | 主案設計:

Haibing Xiao 肖海兵

Interior Design Team | 設計團隊:


ARIES NIGHTCLUB 由老劇院改建而成,斥資8000萬打造,定制鋼混結構建筑,總面積4000㎡,集雪茄吧、3D全景網紅通道、紅酒莊、派對電音KTV房、hiphop whisky club、私人定制美妝美發、特色餐飲街區為一體的娛樂休閑綜合體。 主體酒吧突破千篇一律的舞美概念,以多層疊變的未來感機械舞美裝置打造 ARIES NIGHTCLUB 具有獨特構造無限變幻的“科幻未來派對空間”。設計團隊秉持“科幻未來派對空間”這一設計概念,圍繞太空、未來、宇宙元素進行布局,并在細節上加入新奇的元素來刺激視覺感官。舞臺采用多維度創意設計,卡座則采用劇院式高差排列設計,在享受視覺感官美的同時,還營造了靈動的空間層次感。

The Nightclub, with a total area of 4,000 square meters, is a custom steel and concrete structure building transformed from an old theater. It is an entertainment and leisure complex integrating cigar bar, 3D panoramic web celebrity channel, wine club, party KTV room, HipHop Whisky Club, custom makeup and hair salon, and featured dining block. The club breaks through the stereotypical concept of dance, creating a futuristic party space with multiple layers of futuristic mechanical dance equipment. The design team adheres to the design concept of "science fiction future party space", layout around space, future and universe elements, and adds novel elements in the details to stimulate the visual senses. The stage adopts multi-dimensional creative design, and the booth adopts theater style elevation arrangement design, which creates a clever sense of spatial hierarchy while enjoying the beauty of visual senses.

ARIES NIGHTCLUB 的外立面的獨特設計猶如遨游宇宙的碩大太空飛船,40米寬,15米高的巨型門頭,不僅以矚目的姿態迎接來自全國各地的Raver,更將派對的氛圍,延伸至你的入場。

The facade of Nightclub, which is 40 meters wide and 15 meters high, is designed to be like a space ship traveling through the universe. It welcomes ravers from all over the country, but also extends the party atmosphere to your entrance.


The double-layer hexagonal shape of the lobby, the left and right sides of the lobby and the hovering science fiction robot in the center of the lobby are full of science fiction futuristic sense.


The designer made design adjustment according to the original building shape of the exterior wall, and used a large number of acrylic lamp tubes and black aluminum plate combined with large LED screen to create a large outdoor space with industrial air in the future. Details such as the security door of the vault and the door of the bar are all indicative of the design theme of a haven for surviving the end of the world. It makes people want to go inside.


The central core is a hemispherical opening and closing screen with a diameter of 7.5m. The inside and outside are covered by LED light strips and HD transparent LED screens respectively, which can provide dynamic and dynamic visual light source forms for the scene. In the static "star" mode, the eight "planets" around the central sphere rise and fall and turn, easily changing the whole view with the overall posture of the galaxy.


When the central core is charged to the limit, the dynamic "star glow" mode is turned on. The whole core sphere is divided into eight parts, and the internal LED light is surging with undercurrent. Hidden in the hemispherical lifting DJ stage then dropped, with the DJ's passionate performance, so that the atmosphere of the scene to the highest point. With the scattering of transparent screen near the sphere floating, more rich visual changes. The outer ring has 6 arc-shaped lamp stands, each equipped with several beam lights and high-definition LED screen, reflecting each other with the 8-circle extension "planet" device.