Project | 項目名稱:


Location | 項目地點:

DongGuan,China | 中國 東莞

Design Area | 設計面積:

2000㎡ | 二千平方米

Investment amount | 投資金額:

Completion Time | 竣工時間:

2020 | 二零二零

Interior Design | 主案設計:

Haibing Xiao 肖海兵

Interior Design Team | 設計團隊:


START NIGHTCLUB 矗立在人稠物穰的繁華起點,深入骨髓的空間營造思考是娛樂新地標的構建之鑰。藝術表現形式,配合聲音共同構建變革性的抽象架構和景觀。用音樂為 城市釋放自由,擺脫公式化生活形態。

Start Nightclub is located at the bustling starting point of your life, and is the key to building a new entertainment landmark in a creative and creative way. Artistic expression forms, together with sound, construct transformative abstract structures and landscapes. Use music to release freedom for the city and get rid of the formulaic lifestyle.


The geometrically simple steel frame and hollow structure create a delicate balance between void and solid, light and dark. Using 3D projection technology, the ubiquity of the virtual realm is transferred to the physical space to present the infinite of the digital space.

START NIGHTCLUB 天頂部分采用多層機械設計,中心由25塊透明led屏組合而成的巨型屏幕,每一塊都可獨立自由升降,外圍4個圓形燈架亦可進行獨立的升降、傾斜、等變化——可升降傾斜90°機械,其運動速度高度可達1米/秒。

The Nightclub Start Nightclub's zenith is a multi-layered mechanical design with 25 transparent LED screens in the center, each of which can be moved up and down independently, and four circular light racks on the outside that can be moved up and down, tilt, tilt, etc. The club can move up and down 90° and move at a speed of up to 1m/SEC.


The combination of video technology and machinery awakens the blood of machinery. The combination of multiple groups of liftable lamp frames and the arrangement of light matrix break the new language of light as a stage, giving new "life" to light and shadow and creating infinite possibilities. Multi-element visual display is used to achieve layers and layers, forming different levels of immersive entertainment experience.

自由靈動的冰屏場景變換,多維度的視覺體驗,不同層次的感官視覺冰屏的最大魔力在于,打破物理空間的局限,將整體3D視覺化為現實 實現對想象化的概念畫面,轉化成現實。

Free and flexible scene transformation of the ice screen, multi-dimensional visual experience and different levels of sensory vision. The biggest magic of the ice screen lies in breaking the limitations of physical space, transforming the overall 3D vision into reality to realize the imaginative conceptual picture and turn it into reality.