Project | 項目名稱:


Location | 項目地點:

QingDao,ShanDong,China | 中國 山東 青島

Design Area | 設計面積:

2000㎡ | 二千平方米

Investment amount | 投資金額:

Completion Time | 竣工時間:

2020 | 二零二零

Interior Design | 主案設計:

Haibing Xiao 肖海兵

Interior Design Team | 設計團隊:


MIAMI CLUB 青島店擁有派對場最理想的層高12米,360°無死角全景舞臺,將精彩盡收眼底,能容納千余玩家同時體驗,致力于打造青島與眾不同的高品質玩樂空間。 光感與線條結合,呈現一體化的派對體感,從解構到重構,運用更大膽的色彩搭配,區別于同質化派對的視覺體系的色彩表現力,傳遞未來主義,和對新式夜行模式的狂熱創想。

MIAMI CLUB Qingdao has the most ideal floor height of 12 meters and 360° panoramic stage for the party venue, which can accommodate more than one thousand players to experience at the same time, and is committed to creating a unique high-quality play space in Qingdao. The combination of light feeling and line presents an integrated party body feeling. From deconstruction to reconstruction, the use of bolder color collocation is different from the color expression of the visual system of homogeneous parties, conveying futurism and the fanatical creation of the new nocturnal mode.


The designers on both sides of the corridor use mirrors to make the line light strips and screens map to each other, so that players can feel the illusion of travelling through time and space. The mirror ceiling and electroplating sculpture in the corridor make the whole space more hallucinatory.

彎穹大弧形跨度空間,出色的挑高讓這里的空間設計更加自由。主屏采用超大LED透明屏,背后隱藏數百臺380光束和8臺10W全彩激光,大廳的頂部48條科技感爆棚的柱形LED燈帶裝置排列成4列,通過動態數控可實現升降、傾斜等動作,伴隨場景音樂實現更立體化的空中特效,打造或扭曲,或層疊的異度空間。 當然,僅有機械是不夠的,燈光的配合也非常巧妙。舞臺主屏幕鑲嵌的四組弧形燈架與頂部陣列形式排列的燈架,在不經意間光柱從巨型透明LED屏幕間穿出,倏爾炸裂,仿佛來自屏幕里的平行時空與現實相連。舞池四周,360°的屏幕環繞著整個場地,營造更具沉浸感的視覺場景。 等所有燈光絢爛綻放,你就會發現冰屏的妙處:極高的透光率讓光線從屏幕的場景中穿透而過,三維空間似乎不足以描述那霎那間的震撼。

The large arc span space of the arch, the excellent height makes the space design here more free. Transparent large LED screen, is used in the main screen behind hundreds of full-color laser beam and 8 sets of 10 w, 380 hall at the top of the 48 sense of science and technology at the cylindrical LED lamp belt device is arranged into four columns, dynamic numerical control can be realized by lifting and tilting movement, accompanied by music scene to achieve more three-dimensional effects of air, make or distorted, or cascade of cyber space. Of course, only the machinery is not enough, the coordination of lighting is also very clever. The main screen of the stage is inlaid with four groups of arc-shaped lampstands and the top of the array of lampstands, inadvertently from the giant transparent LED screen between the light column, suddenly burst, as if from the screen of parallel time and reality connected. Around the dance floor, 360° screens surround the whole venue, creating a more immersive visual scene. Once all the lights burst out, you'll see the magic of the ice screen: the high transmittance allows light to flow through the scene on the screen, and three-dimensional space doesn't seem enough to describe the shock.