MIMI Party Club

柬埔寨 MIMI Party Club

Project | 項目名稱:

MIMI Party Club

Location | 項目地點:

Sihanoukport, Cambodia | 柬埔寨 西哈努克港

Design Area | 設計面積:

850㎡ | 八百五十平方米

Investment amount | 投資金額:

$2,000,000 | 二百萬美元

Completion Time | 竣工時間:

2018 | 二零一八

Interior Design | 主案設計:

Haibing Xiao 肖海兵

Interior Design Team | 設計團隊:



This project is designed with high standards of entertainment venues, to attract people from all walks of life to have fun and consume, to provide services for local guests and guests in surrounding cities, and to create a healthy leisure and entertainment atmosphere. Designers through the space and the flow of people's ingenuity unique design, so that each space is connected and independent, each region more exclusive entrance, so that people here can easily find their own enjoyment space. Delicate and comfortable business space is the pursuit of this design.


Different from the hall service mode, in the design of the private room, the low-key, gorgeous and meaningful space has the feeling of entering the hall. This space is designed for the club consumers with higher age levels and consumption ability. Here, the effect of light and shadow gives way to the demand of space users.