Roayl One Club

菲律賓皇家壹號會所 Roayl One Club

Project | 項目名稱:

Roayl One Club | 皇家壹號會所

Location | 項目地點:

Manila, Philippines | 菲律賓 馬尼拉

Design Area | 設計面積:

1500㎡ | 一千五百平方米

Investment amount | 投資金額:

$8,000,000 | 八百萬美元

Completion Time | 竣工時間:

2019 | 二零一九

Interior Design | 主案設計:

Haibing Xiao 肖海兵

Interior Design Team | 設計團隊:


?Roayl One Club 皇家壹號會所坐落于菲律賓馬尼拉。500平方米的娛樂空間,耗資800萬元打造,成就了菲律賓最高檔的商業娛樂場所之一。精致而舒適的商務空間是本案設計所追求的?;始乙继枙O計風格個性鮮明,在色調、造型、質感上都是獨具匠心。

Roayl One Club Royal One is located in Manila, Philippines. With an entertainment space of 500 square meters and a cost of 8 million yuan, it is one of the most upscale commercial entertainment places in the Philippines. Delicate and comfortable business space is the pursuit of this case design. Royal One club design style personality is distinct, in the color, shape, texture is unique.


The brilliant columnar structure of the facade and the reliefs of the warriors of the ancient Roman wind create a noble and elegant feeling like the royal court. The storefront shines particularly at night.


Each space has its own style of design, bringing guests a modern and exotic, delicate and no lack of luxury experience.


In the design of the private rooms, the low-key, luxuriant and connotative space has quite the feeling of entering the hall, which combines the solemn and elegant temperament. The European style makes more use of the postmodern technique, recombines the traditional structure form through redesign, and presents another symbol of neoclassical aesthetic characteristics. The use of strong color design, with luxury color eye-catching, to build a unique flavor of The European room.