Project | 項目名稱:


Location | 項目地點:

DongGuang,GuangDong,China | 中國 廣東 東莞

Design Area | 設計面積:

1000㎡ | 一千平方米

Investment amount | 投資金額:

12,000,000 | 一千二百萬元

Completion Time | 竣工時間:

Interior Design | 主案設計:

Haibing Xiao 肖海兵

Interior Design Team | 設計團隊:



Hollow central hall set can lift stage, around the dance floor with seat chair, the 3322 friend can drink in the chat, dance, watch the performances, smallpox correspondence centre stage setting ring LED halo, high-tech intelligent control lighting fixtures, with music scale up and down, let a person produce the visual effect of triple strewn at random, whole space can move! The hall is also equipped with a large area of intelligent control flip lamp wings, fully cooperate, make the whole space more full, active.


The main stage background is a full-face LED intelligent large screen. VIP seats are set on both sides of the DJ station and the hall, which protects personal privacy and retains a good view space. The entertainment experience is full.